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Sterk sak!

Denne passer nok godt til mat, ikke en av mine favorittamerikanere… Sterk på smak, og svir litt på tunga 🙂 Kan kjøpes på polet.

This Californian brew was a gift from an American friend (cheers, Alan). It pours an amber/copper colour with a bubbly, relatively short-lived head. The nose is of earthy, resiny hops, with a touch of citrus and some light malt. In the mouth, the hop bitterness hits a second or so after the first sip, beautifully balanced by the smooth, roasty, grainy malt. It is slightly nutty in character, dry and not cloying. Although generous, the hops are not overpoweringly bitter and work well with the solid malt body. Aftertaste is bitter, hoppy and resiny. Strength is not given on the label, but this reviewer would guess an ABV of around 5.5-6%. An enjoyable and well-balanced American ale.

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